Beyond Benefits: Supporting your Total Rewards program

Retaining and motivating your talent demands a robust total rewards strategy

Today's competitive work environment, skilled worker shortages, and diversity in work approach demands a comprehensive and strategic approach to remunerating and rewarding your employees.

Pay and reward practices have become increasingly transparent and technology has increased workers' access to a wider array of employment opportunities.

Employees continuously measure their value...Do you?

A well-defined total rewards framework enables companies to define, communicate, measure, monitor, and implement  the essential elements of employee reward including:

  • Compensation (hourly, bonus, salary)

  • Benefits (group, retirement, spending accounts)

  • Work-life balance

  • Recognition and Incentives

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Development

More than Benefits Consulting: Aligning your People Programs

Our advisors apply Northern Star's five-point approach to your total rewards program:

  • Our detailed review starts with an assessment of your current compensation, incentive, bonus and benefits plan design. We analyze and measure the historical trends and projections and measure the data against your internal company goals, performance objectives, job functions, and current policies and practices

  • Our external benchmarking includes a comparison of your compensation elements data and plan design against your defined peer group, employment standards, best practices, regional distribution, and legislation

Design Framework
  • Combining our audit findings and analysis with your identified goals, objective and targets, we design a framework of specific quantified compensation milestones and scales aligned to your objectives. Additional total reward strategies (e.g. plan enhancements, work-life incentives, recognition strategies, training programs) are explored and reviewed relative to your company objectives and culture

Communication & Implementation
  • This is the most important step. We provide and implement a carefully crafted communication strategy and implementation process based on your company's values, philosophy, management style, and employee culture

  • At predetermined milestones, we measure the effectiveness and efficacy of your total rewards program against internal and external requirements to guide potential adaptions as your organization continues to evolve

Helping you align and mitigate the risks of your people programs

As Health and Benefits Advisors, we provide more than benefits consulting. Our total rewards review and strategy offering can be provided in conjunction with benefits consulting, or independently.

Serving as an extension to our client's HR, Finance, and leadership teams, we help companies mitigate the risks that intersect business and people.