Healthy Workplaces Team Training Program


Northern Benefit Consultants offers organizations of all sizes and industries a multi-dimensional training program to help leaders develop and strengthen a healthy and inclusive work environment.


While many organizations have updated their HR policies to incorporate current employment and labor legislation relating to harassment and discrimination, bystanders and those targeted often lack the knowledge and skills to positively and effectively deal with incidents of incivility.

Bystander Training

Rooted in the principles of the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety, Northern Star Benefit Consultants' Healthy Workplaces Team Training Program helps employees and managers identify behaviors that are inappropriate and provide practical, effective tools and learning in what to when do as a colleague when observing such behavior among co-workers.

A 3 1/2 hour personalized certificate course in Bystander Training
  • a 2-hour in-person team training workshop delivered by Northern Star Benefit Consultants, personalized to each client's policies, culture, and team objectives

  • Team building situational exercises

  • “Respect in the Workplace” – a 90-minute online certificate course for employees and managers, delivered by RESPECT GROUP INC., in partnership with Northern Star Benefit Consultants Ltd.

The Value
  • shared learning in a safe and supportive team environment

  • optimized peer understanding and responsiveness

  • improved adherence to corporate policies and the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety

The Benefits
  • Empowered team learning and support

  • A strengthened and inclusive corporate culture

  • Improved team communication and productivity

  • Improved organizational health

  • Reduced incidence in illness and absenteeism arising from negative work environment

  • For management and the company – mitigate legal liability risk, and trends in disability and absenteeism