HR Professional's Toolbox

EAP ROI Calculator

The EAP ROI Calculator provides HR and Finance leaders with a quantitative measurement tool to asses the value and return on their employee benefit program EAP and EFAP investment. The simple spreadsheet enables the user to input the total number of employees, annual payroll and benefits cost, monthly EAP rate, and reported utilization to calculate the loss in productivity without EAP, and the return on productivity with EAP.

Onboarding Checklist

Your recruiting and hiring efforts have paid off, and your new employee's start date is approaching. A smooth and efficient on-boarding process ensures a warm welcome and reduced transition time. This on-boarding checklist provides a step by step reference document for all involved in the process, from pre-onboarding, through to the first day and beyond.

Paystub premium calculator

This pay stub calculator offers a simple means to calculate benefit premium allocation for payroll system input. Enter the number of annual pay periods and employees' premium contribution rate for taxable and non-taxable benefits. This spreadsheet is designed as a  general aide and may not adapt to all organizations. Please check with your HR and/or payroll department, accounting department and group insurance policies and regional tax legislation for specific taxation and premium contribution factors.

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