Our 9 Core (+3 optional) Group Benefits Consulting Services

Complimentary and confidential plan review
  • For new clients, we offer you a free, no obligation, confidential and independent review of your current benefit plan arrangements.

  • Relying solely on the data you provide, we offer HR and Finance leaders with actionable insights based on our review of your plan:

    • ​financial analysis of your benefit plan costs, rates, claims, terms and risk trajectories.

    • industry bench-marking of your plan.

    • analysis of your plan's underlying health drivers, trends risks, and opportunities.

    • proprietary demographic alignment analysis.

The value to you?

An independent and experienced perspective of your benefits program, including actionable observations to help you develop, optimize, or adjust your plan based on your unique situation, HR goals, and business and objectives

Our annual written service agreement of our commitment to you
The value to you?
  • Annually, we provide a written service agreement, detailing the activities and services we will perform and our responsibilities to you.

Evidence of our commitment to you, and transparency.

Our annual strategic review of your benefit program
The value to you?
  • At renewal, or alternate annual business milestone, we conduct a comprehensive review of your benefits program, evaluating its performance and value against the key metrics you identify:

    • recruitment/retention strategy, administration requirements, payroll processes, HR support needs.

    • business goals, market and competitive environment and industry trends.

    • financial goals, risk profile, growth projection.

    • employee rewards and wellness strategies.

    • group RRSP and executive program review. 

Our collective 45 years of group benefits expertise, customized to your company's HR and financial benefits program needs.

Regular detailed "financial stress test" of your plan
The value to you?
  • At renewal and important business milestones, we conduct our comprehensive "Financial Stress Test"

  • We calibrate our proprietary analytic tools to your plan's claims, risk profile, and fees to negotiate fair and competitive terms for your benefits program.

  • Based on your group's historical trends, we can provide more frequent financial reviews.

  • Small groups (under 25 employees) can also benefit from our All-In-One  small group solutions, with access to pooled programs with built-in rate sustainability, and live HR support resources.

A highly competitive and evidence based analysis personalized to your sustainability/risk profile, HR strategy, financial goals, and business strategy.

Detailed demographic review
  • The composition of your employees influences their interaction with your benefits plan.

  • Our proprietary demographic review incorporates trend and a host of relevant metrics to inform you of how your plan members use, and interact with their benefits program.

The value to you?

Meaningful insights identifying plan alignment relative to your organization's culture and brand.

Detailed benefits and coverage review
  • Keeping your business competitive takes careful positioning relative to your market.

  • In conjunction with a detailed review, we benchmark your plan to your industry peers and competitors.

The value to you?

Competitive intelligence available as a core consulting service through your partnership with us.

Flexible plan marketing and implementation arrangements
The value to you?
  • Changing business needs, or corporate circumstances present an opportune time for a comprehensive plan review, including insurer and benefit provider options.

  • Our clients enjoy the exclusive option to insure their employees through one, two, or multiple carriers, simultaneously depending on their unique coverage needs, service requirements, and funding arrangements.

  • Even with multiple carriers, policies can be consolidated on one bill, one booklet, one enrolment form and through one point of contact.

  • Once on this platform, employees never have to re-enroll when a change in carrier is required.

Our innovative approach enables us to be as flexible as you need us to be. This includes our client-centered marketing approach that puts your plan in the driver's seat - an approach not readily available through the BC marketplace, except in partnership with Northern Star Benefit Consultants.

Ongoing plan Plan Sponsor and Plan Member support
The value to you?
  • We provide you with the tools, resources, insurance partners and specialists aligned to your program and needs.

  • We audit and pre-qualify all providers to ensure continuity of care, and service standards meet your expectations and needs.

  • Exclusive invitation to HR oriented Plan Sponsor events including employment law, and HR consulting support.

  • Plan Member lunch and learn sessions.

Our accessibility and responsiveness provide you with the confidence to rely on seasoned group benefit specialists for your group benefit needs.

Monthly legislative and employment standards updates, health industry and market-specific trends
The value to you?
  • Our clients depend on us to keep them apprised of issues and events that affect their talent programs.

  • We continuously scan and disseminate industry, legislative, health and employment updates, to give you the "what", "why", "when" and "what this means to us."

Benefits and HR intelligence to support your plan, and business decisions.

Additional Consulting Services Options

Detailed plan benchmarking
  • Detailed plan benchmarking to your specifications, for qualitative business evaluation, and planning.

The value to you?

An ideal competitive tool for companies undergoing transformation, mergers, strategic recruitment, or additional competitive analysis.

Benefit plan administration
  • We act as the benefits administrator liaison to your plan. Subject to terms, conditions, and agreements, we perform administrative functions including plan enrollments, terminations, and Group RRSP administration.

The value to you?

Reduce your HR administration burden on an ongoing basis, or for specific time periods (e.g. vacations, leaves, etc).

Collective bargaining support
  • We prepare the documents and resources you need, and assist you in your discussion or plan review with union representatives.

The value to you?

With our understanding of your benefit plan design and financial analysis, we can support you at the bargaining table