Empower Health: Individual Health and Dental Benefits

Portable, Flexible, and Voluntary:
Health and Dental Benefits for a Diverse Workforce

The rise of contract, part-time, company consultants, and partial retiree situations has many of our clients realizing a rising proportion of their company members may work less hours than eligible for their group plan, or require additional coverage not available under the company sponsored benefits program. For other clients, individual benefits offer a means to provide  owners, their board members or executives an efficient method of offering additional coverage.

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As HR and Finance leaders, you may choose to extend select health and dental coverage for your seasonal, temporary, or part-time workforce outside of your organization's group plan.  


The benefits to you, your organization, and individual members?

  • Voluntary - unlike many group plans that include mandatory coverage and benefits, individual insurance plans are completely voluntary.

  • Funding options - Whether you choose to fully or partially cover the premium cost on behalf of your members, the financial obligation for premium payment rests with the insured, with funding though EFT via the member's financial institution.

  • Flexibility - Individual plans suit small organizations that employ a diverse workforce, presenting a challenge to common plan design applications. Individual benefits allow the plan member to choose the coverage that suits their specific situation

  • Competitive Options - over 6 plans to choose from, with optional features, and 2 streams of programs: one program for those previously insured for health and dental, and another program for newly insured

  • Premium protection for your group plan - Balancing the needs of employees against the financial demands of group plans. Hospitality and seasonal industries tend to have a higher proportion of temporary and part-time staff, making individual benefits a sustainable option to promote health, while mitigating group plan risk.

  • Reduced administration - unlike a traditional group benefits policy which requires routine administration, individual plans are plan-member administered and directed.

  • Benefits include: prescription drugs, dental coverage, vision care, eye exams, paramedical services, ambulance, travel coverage and more


The advantages of individual heath and dental benefits?

  • Ensure a consistent culture of health and wellness.

  • Reduce turnover among part-time employees.

  • Attract and recruit contract employees or long-term seasonal staff.

  • Realize increased efficiencies by eliminating benefits administration for individual health and dental plans.

Individual benefit programs vary widely in their coverage. At Northern Star, our consultants are experienced in defining the features, benefits and risks of each program, to facilitate your informed program decisions.