Guiding your employee benefit programs, reducing your risk


Your business, your people, our expertise


Healthy employees lead to healthy business performance. As business owners and independent benefit consultants, we understand the opportunities and pressures business leaders face in attracting, retaining, and motivating a healthy workplace.

We also understand employees. Mobile, and increasingly diverse in their health needs, and communication styles, today's employees are looking to their employers for technology-enabled, personalized health and financial insurance programs to be delivered effectively and efficiently.


Maximizing the return on your HR investment

Optimizing the balance between employee health, financial risk, and business performance has never been more complex. As benefit consultants, we know that the key to a well-designed program goes beyond financial sustainability. We help you guide your talent reward and insurance programs and mitigate the risks that intersect your people and business.

Leveraging our combined 45 years of client and benefits consulting expertise, we go beyond the services of a traditional benefits broker. Leveraging specialized expertise, HR and benefit technologies, strategic provider partnerships, employment trends and data analytics, we help you align your benefit and insurance programs to your business goals and maximize the return on your HR investment.

Our clients
  • Private, public, not-for profit businesses with 3-3000 employees, and at least one business location in British Columbia, Canada

  • Business owners, Executives, HR and Finance leaders who guide their business with the understanding that their employees are the foundation of their competitive advantage.

  • They value our strategic, comprehensive approach to their employee risk and talent reward programs, that leverages the latest benefit and insurance technologies for streamlined, and effective administration.

Our guiding mottos
  • We prioritize the needs of our clients - whether it's to help them achieve premium savings, improve the value of their plan, or optimize the plan member experience.

  • Personally or through our exclusive strategic partnership arrangements, we help our clients navigate and mitigate their business risks, and enhance their people's well-being.

  • We advocate for our clients, upholding the highest standard for ourselves, and expecting the same from our industry partners, in all we do, and all we say.
Our mission and vision
  • To be an extension of our clients' HR, Finance, and leadership teams.

  • Pooled Plans for  companies with 3 - 24 employees

  • Dedicated small business employee benefit solutions

  • Custom benefit plans  for growing businesses, or organizations with 20 or more employees

  • HR Consulting support

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Health & wellness solutions
  • ASO, refund accounting risk and fund analysis

  • Health spending accounts

  • Expat and international traveler benefits

  • Benefit program marketing - traditional, and third party administrator (TPA) methods

  • Claim and data analytics, risk projections

  • Demographic review
  • Plan benchmarking

  • All in one Payroll-Benefits-HR platform

  • Group RRSP

  • Benefits administration

  • Collective bargaining support

  • Life Insurance

  • Individual Disability

  • Critical Illness

  • Individual Health and Dental

  • Key person insurance

  • Corporate insurance

  • Partner insurance

  • Business travel insurance


Our Consulting Services


Our services go far beyond the traditional group insurance broker, or employee benefits agent.

We tailor our consulting services to your particular needs, business goals, and organizational culture.

Client Testimonial

" As a market leader in the  traffic control sector, and service providers to a number of important market sectors in BC , we value our business associations and client relationships. Our decade long partnership with Northern Star Benefit Consultants is no exception.

Northern Star provides us with a sophisticated knowledge of the employee benefits industry. Their extensive benefits experience, insurer management, and attention to detail, has helped us recruit and retain select talent. This has further helped us maintain our position as an innovator and market leader within our industry.

We recently saved over $31,000 in annual premium without the burden of marketing, reducing coverage, changing carriers, or shifting costs to employees.

Northern Star and their team are trustworthy, professional and reliable and have become an indispensable business partner".


(President of Construction and Municipal Support Services company)